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Sim Scavazza

Sim Scavazza

Non Executive Director at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust & Deputy Chair at University of the Arts London

I was so grateful [studying Humanities at the University of West London], and so happy to be there that I absolutely devoured it up. It was a four-year course with a year spent in France, and I just loved the mix. Loved being in London, loved being in Ealing.


A part time job in Ealing led to Sim beginning her career at Chelsea Girl, a fashion retailer that would go on to become River Island. She then dedicated herself to a 25-year stint in retail fashion.

What I discovered was I had an eye. An eye for colour, an eye for fabric and design, and an eye on what was happening going forward, to be able to time the clothes right.

However, she wasn’t destined to stay in fashion forever. Currently, Sim is deputy chair for the University of the Arts London and a non-executive director with the NHS.

The thing that really excites me now is my ability to affect people positively. Having a positive impact on students, staff, people of colour…well-being and looking after the staff after this awful year and a half is the most important thing. I just want to create a positive impact and leave something useful for people because there is nothing else in this life.

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