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Certificates & Transcripts

Former students of UWL and its predecessor institutions can request replacement degrees, transcripts, syllabi and letters confirming your study from the Transcripts Team.

To submit your request, please select one of the options below, or email the transcripts team on

Please Note:

When placing a request, please ensure to select the correct product and corresponding fee. Please only make payment for products you have already requested for; paying for additional products without submitting a request will cause a delay in processing.

Please be aware that the University is unable to change the name of a recipient of award on documentation issued.

Please be aware that Certificates & Transcripts are unable to handle requests relating to current students of the University. If you are a current student who requires a transcript, council tax exemption letter or a third party requiring a reference, you can email instead, who will be able to assist with requests.

An Official Letter from UWL provides confirmation of your award or of the dates you studied. You may require this as additional supporting documentation of your time at University, for example if you require proof of dates of study for council tax exemption purposes, or if your employer wants proof of the time you studied at UWL.

Letter of confirmation of award
Provides more detailed information on your award (name, student reference, date of birth, award, classification, award date, awarding body, language of instruction)
Letter of attendance
No fee
Provides information on the course and the dates you studied (name, student reference, date of birth, programme of study, start and end date, language of instruction)
Council tax exemption letter
No fee
This is available to full-time students only. Provides information about the dates of study and the number of hours of study per week (name, student reference, date of birth)


Request your letter by clicking the button below.


If your certificate has been lost, stolen or irretrievably damaged/defaced a replacement can be requested. Please see fees for this service below:


Awards from 2005 to present day
Awards from 1998 to 2004
Awards from 1992 to 1997
Awards pre-1992 (subject to availability)


The Transcripts Team accept payment by Credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer. Please click the button below, follow the instructions and fill out the form by clicking the button below. If you have any questions or need help, please email


Unfortunately the University is unable to provide personal references for former students. However, are able to provide a letter confirming your award or attendance, which you can request by Clicking Here.

We would recommend contacting a tutor or lecturer who knew you well whilst you were at UWL. Any member of staff who is still employed at UWL can be contacted via email by using the email formula:

If the email bounces back to you, it is likely that the member of staff you are trying to contact no longer works at UWL.

The University is an exclusive partner of Hedd verifications. If you are an employer/agency looking to obtain confirmation of award or attendance for a former student (not including individual module marks) please visit University of West London | Higher Education Degree Datacheck (

For confirmation of study for current students, please email

Please note the University is unable to provide a personal reference for former students and can only provide confirmation of award received and dates studied.

In May 2011 Thames Valley University was renamed the University of West London by permission of the Privy Council. Documentation issued by Thames Valley University, including certificates and transcripts, remain valid as proof of qualifications obtained and do not need to be replaced. Should you wish to purchase a University of West London certificate to replace your original Thames Valley University certificate you may do so via this website.

To purchase a replacement certificate please click on the Replacement Degree Certificate section above.

List the titles and marks of the modules you studied in each academic year. It gives your period of registration as a student, your degree date and classification. You may need your transcript for employment, further education, or emigration purposes.

Awards from 2005 to present day
Awards from 1998 to 2004
Awards from 1992 to 1997
Awards pre-1992 (subject to availability)


Request your academic transcript by clicking the button below.


Outline the courses/modules studied and information on the subjects covered. Please note we are unable to provide syllabi for all courses. If we are not able to provide the full syllabus, we will provide it to you free of charge.

Course syllabus (subject to availability)


Request your course syllabus by clicking the button below.


A Transcript of Training provides a breakdown of the theory and clinical hours that were completed during your study. If you are registering to work overseas and have been asked to obtain documentation by the board you are registering with, you should request a Transcript of Training using the form below. Any forms required by the overseas board, that must be completed by the University to support your registration, should be submitted by email to , or by post to:

University of West London

Conferments and Awards

Cavendish House

57-59 Uxbridge Road

Ealing, London

W5 5SA

Transcript of Training (relevant to College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare only and subject to availability) Once your request has been processed a copy of your transcript will be dispatched directly to the overseas board, as most do not accept transcripts sent by an individual. We will contact you for payment via email.



Request your transcript of training by clicking the button below.


Alumni students can provide us with a copy of their certificate and/or transcript, and we can stamp and certify that they are true and accurate copies of the original documents. Certified copies of their certificate and/or transcript may be requested when alumni students wish to apply to immigration authorities, government bodies, verification for education qualifications or for professional purposes, etc. We can either certify a paper or a digital copy or both. Alumni students can either email us at or come to our office at:


Cavendish House, 57-59 Uxbridge Road

>Ealing, W5 5SA

(Please report to Century House Reception)


In both cases, alumni students need to let us know whether they would like the certified copy returned by email or by post indicating the address.

Certified Copy