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Kurt Martinez

Kuret Martinez

Freelance Recording Engineer

You had your different modules, you chose and branched off into different areas. My area was more the recording and technical side of things. But you could do anything, you had people using X-Box controllers and synthesisers.


He left university and began trying to make it as a music producer, but he quickly discovered that the jobs he was chasing weren’t out there.

The old school music producers like Simon Cowells, the man at the back of the room overseeing everything, they don’t exist anymore. The producers now are a lot more hands on, they’re the guys making the beats and mapping everything out. Then you’d got the engineers who will record things in the producer’s vision.

After two years in film music production, Kurt managed to get a position as a studio assistant, eventually taking the plunge to become a freelance music engineer in January 2019. Since then, he’s been going at it alone.

It’s been an experience, and a learning curve, but it’s always worked out in my favour. All the studios I’m at now have always been through recommendation. So, I’ve kind of worked my way up faster than I would have done.

Since then, Kurt has found success working on high profile music working with such names as Burna Boy, Stormzy, Jack Whitehall and Fleur East. His work on Aitch and A.J Tracey’s ‘Rain,’ reached number 3 in the UK top ten and was certified Gold by the BRIT Awards.

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