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Aidan McFahn

aidan south africa

Travel Specialist at Mr and Mrs Smith

I wasn’t particularly academic, but this course focused not on sitting and doing hundreds of exams but doing presentations and reports. These were skills that I’d actually use, and they are skills I do actually use in my career.


When it came to his placement year, Aidan chose to work as a travel rep for Thomson Holidays, now known as Tui:

I was a rep in Lanzarote for the summer season. My title was ‘resort rep’ which meant I was doing everything from going to the airport and throwing people on buses all the way through to being in the hotel doing welcome meetings, promoting excursions and dealing with complaints. You had to be really enthusiastic, and you needed the patience of a saint! They were the fundamentals of the job, beyond having fun.

Upon returning, Aidan’s first achievement was to set up the UWL Snow Sports Club which is still in operation today!

Now working in sales for luxury booking agent Mr and Mrs Smith, Aidan has been sent all over the world, from India to South Africa and beyond!

It’s a really cool, fortunate part of the job. I often ask them to shift my flights back a week, so I can see more of the country.

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