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Julie Lawal: Building Resistance and Boosting your Career

Julie Lawal Julie Lawal graduated from the University of West London in 1993 with a BA in Information Management and Publishing Studies. Her exceptional career to date has seen her hold senior roles across the tech and pharmaceuticals industries, including top-level management positions at the world’s largest biotech company.

Always tenacious in whatever challenges come her way, following personal tragedy, with no prior experience, Julie selflessly applied herself and built her own business from the ground up, authored an award-winning book The Online Lifestyle and soon became a trusted mentor, sought-after inspirational speaker, mindset coach and educator. She helps people connect the dots, make sense of who they are, and reach their true potential so they too, can lead a fulfilling life.

In addition to being a member of the UWL Alumni Board, Julie loves to give back by providing student mentorship and sharing her incredible life and business experience by speaking and presenting at special events.

“As we navigate through life, it’s essential for our personal growth and development to surround ourselves with positive, supportive people. People who can both challenge and inspire us. I firmly believe that success is measured by what we accomplish together and that being open to collaboration is key. The alumni network is a fantastic opportunity to connect, collaborate and contribute towards nurturing such a community.”

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