Student Support


Lighting the way for the future

We are determined to help students thrive at UWL. Ambitious students have the potential to go on to great achievements, however, with degrees costing £9,000 per year, pursuing a higher education requires substantial financial investment in fees and living expenses. For many, this financial commitment can prove daunting or even prohibitive. 

We have always prided ourselves in attracting students who, historically, would not have had the opportunity to participate in higher education. 96.6% of full-time first degree entrants are from State Schools, with approximately 59% of full-time undergraduate entrants are from households with an income of £25,000 or less.

Expanding the availability of student support helps the University to widen participation and access at all levels, recruit exceptional students, and provide crucial support for those in financial need.

You can help to support students directly by donating to fellowships, scholarships, bursaries and prizes. These can be established in your name or in honour or memory of someone special. With your generous support we can widen participation and support our most deserving students.

Every gift, whether big or small, can have a life-changing impact.


Scholarships seek to recognise academic excellence at undergraduate and postgraduate level and enable the University to attract and retain outstanding students. The suggested level for a named postgraduate scholarship is £5,000 a year, or £3,500 a year for a named undergraduate scholarship.

“As a former student I know first-hand the transformational difference that the University of West London can make. I now have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference to a student’s life and help to continue a legacy of learning and growth.” Alistair Telfer, Donor and Alumnus



Fellowships are prestigious awards for postgraduate students pursuing doctoral or master’s level studies, they provide financial support without associated teaching or research responsibilities (as they are in a teaching or research assistantship). The suggested level for a named fellowship is £7,500 a year.

By supporting a student with a fellowship you will allow a talented student to remain focused on their goals and achieve at the highest level.

“The University of West London is special because it truly values people from all sections of society. By giving to the University I know that I am supporting the aspirations of the next generation and supporting the University’s core values.” Dame Professor Elizabeth Anionwu DBE, Donor and Emeritus Professor of Nursing



Prizes recognise academic excellence or achievement in various subject areas. The suggested level for a named prize is £500. Prizes are a wonderful way to support and inspire students and reward hard work in a specific subject area.

“Being awarded the Griffiths Prize this year has been a huge achievement and it has given me the boost in confidence I need to really push myself in my final year of training.” Rachael Bird, Recipient of the Griffiths Prize



Bursaries provide essential financial support for students from low income families and help these deserving students with the many expenses incurred during their course of study. Financial need is the primary consideration for the selection of bursary recipients. The suggested level for a named bursary is £1,000 a year.

“Being a student and a mother is a complicated task. Sometimes I struggle financially and have to make difficult decisions and sacrifices. With the help that I received I was able to buy materials to support me during my studies and pay for extra childcare if I needed to study or finish coursework.” Cristina Cabral, Recipient of the William Brake Bursary


Frequently asked questions

Can I specify the purpose of my student support?
You can specify which School or programme you would like to support.

Can I select my scholarship recipient(s)?
No. Donors cannot select the student to receive the award. The University’s scholarship committee will choose a student based on the selection criteria of the award.

Can I meet my scholarship recipient(s)?
The University of West London encourages donors to meet their scholars. Each year we hold a lunch where scholarship recipients get a chance to meet and thank their benefactors and donors get to experience first-hand the benefit and value of their donation.

When and how will my scholarship be awarded?
Once the funds are received, the scholarship will be awarded at the start of the next academic year. The payment to the student is made in two instalments.

What student awards are currently available?
The current list of undergraduate awards is available here: 
For the list of current postgraduate awards please visit: