Win a £2,000 Student Scholarship

We are delighted to announce a scholarship opportunity for current University of West London students. 

The Airport Rentals scholarship is a one-off award of £2,000 towards university tuition fees. It is open to UWL students (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral research) in all fields of study. 

Apply online before 31 December 2018!
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About Airport Rentals
Airport Rentals is an industry-leading car rental booking company with an international focus, dedicated to creative problem solving and agile decision making. A scholarship intended to inspire and enable fresh talent in the field of travel commerce seemed a natural fit for this company.

airport rentals 

The Airport Rentals scholarship grants £2,000 towards a successful applicant’s university fees and tuition*. 

*Terms and conditions apply: please visit the Airport Rentals website for more information.

If you apply for this scholarship, please let the UWL Development team know by emailing us with your name, course and year of study:

Good luck!

Airport Rentals FAQs
Who can apply?
We are an organisation which celebrates diversity and are open to applicants of any age, nationality and skill set, based in the UK.
Why are you offering a scholarship? has a vested interest in encouraging innovation and fresh talent – these are among the key traits that allowed Airport Rentals to succeed on a global scale. Additionally, Airport Rentals is keen to “pay it forward”, using the success of the business to help others become successful.
Why do you wish to partner with UK based educational institutes?
Airport Rentals recognises that there’s no better way to ensure a bright future for the travel industry than supporting the intellectual growth of the next generation. The UK plays an instrumental role in the travel industry, not only serving as a gateway to Europe for many English speakers but acting as a cultural cornerstone for a number of other influential nations.
How is the scholarship paid?
The funds will be paid directly to the winner’s educational institution to cover tuition and enrolment fees.

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