Alumni Profile - Burak Atas

Burak Atas

Burak Atas completed an MA Audio Technology in 2010 at the London College of Music.

He is a Mastering Engineer at Maven Mastering.

Why did you decide to study at UWL?

There are several reasons I chose LCM for my studies. The studio facilities are endless and top quality, and this is really important for audio technology courses. Also, the course instructors with amazing background and experience, and LCM’s widely recognized name really helped me decide.


What did you enjoy most about your time at UWL?

I enjoyed the interactions with other audio enthusiasts with different backgrounds. All staff members, studio technicians and managers at LCM were so helpful and positive. Plus, a lot of great job opportunities were being presented to me by the recruitment office during and after my studies which made it such a great experience.

Please provide a brief description of your career since graduating.

I started freelancing as a mix and mastering engineer after graduating. After a year, I went to USA to start working for Disney Cruise Line as an Audio Technician. This was such a great experience. I learned and travelled a lot, spent almost 4 years working on Disney ships.

What are your current and/or upcoming projects?

I’ve been mastering records for almost a decade. I opened my own analogue mastering studio, Maven Mastering in 2017. Having a building constructed completely from scratch with a sole purpose of incorporating a mastering studio has been a dream of mine for a long time.

It took two extensive years of design and planning phases to create a quiet and extremely accurate listening environment that is suitable for mastering. I’ve been mostly working with independent artists from around the world.

I’m very passionate about mastering and I really enjoy being the last pair of ears in the music creation process and making decisions to take musician’s and producer’s efforts to a better level.

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