Academic Support


At the University of West London our academics have inquiring minds, from asking if anything can be done to contain MRSA, to understanding the role the hospitality sector plays in the economy.

Finding solutions to these and a multitude of other questions is the life blood of a university.  At the University of West London we are committed to the generation of useful knowledge and using it to prepare the next generation of young adults to make a positive contribution to society.

The current system of securing funds for research means that we can no longer rely on the government to support the vital research that we do.  Yet in the midst of these increasingly difficult circumstances it is more important than ever that we find and retain academic staff who contribute to the economic and social well being of the nation by inspiring the next generation.  

We must therefore turn to those who share our inquisitive nature, our alumni and friends, for support if we are to maintain our academic excellence.  Supporting an academic post or a research project is one of the most beneficial ways you can support the University of West London today.

If you would like to make a gift to support our academia and research, or for more information please contact us on 020 8231 2608.

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